Sunday, December 30, 2012


New Year's Resolutions that I may or may not keep:

1. Eat healthier.
2. Make more meals at home.
3. Take my lunch to work so I don't buy crap there.
4. Have food for Ryan to take to lunch so he doesn't eat McDonald's out of convenience every day.
5. Try to gradually start doing workout videos again.
6. Maybe drink less.
7. Spend more time with Ryan out of our recliners.
8. Make a budget.
9. Stick to budget.
10. Don't spend all of my paycheck in one week [on stupid things] so that I'm not broke for the last few days or week before I get the next paycheck.

I'm not saying that I'm going to really do these. I don't want to make resolutions I can't keep, so I'm just making some and saying I may or may not keep these.

I'm not going to get Ripped in 30. What always happens is I say I'm going to work out every day, which in itself is unrealistic, then I'll get a cold sometime between January and March and I'll stop working out. Then I have to tell everyone that I'm not ripped and that I gave up on working out.

So I'm not committing to any of these. Just saying they're things that I think might be good to do. Maybe.

Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012


I got a kitty cat. Her name is Nubbins. That's the name that the Indianapolis Humane Society already had for her, so we kept it. She has no tail. And she's amazing.

I have a bunch of pictures of her, so this whole post is just going to be pictures of her. She's SO CUTE and precious and sweet. And today, a week and a day after we first got her, she finally let Ryan pet her a little bit! It's adorable.

Pretty Nubbins

Not only is she missing her tail, she's missing the tip of her left ear. Not sure what happened there...but she's still so cute!

Hungry Nubbins

Evil Nubbins

Sleepy Nubbins

Comfy Nubbins

Curious Nubbins

Innocent Nubbins

Nubbins helping me with my Christmas cards

Cute Tootin' Nubbins.

Lap Kitty Nubbins

A girl and her Nubbins

Focused Nubbins

Drippy Chin Nubbins (she'd just drank some water and was pretty sloppy about it)

Lickin' Nubbins

Drippy Chin Nubbins Part 2

Itchy Nubbins

Sunbathing Nubbins

Big booty Nubbins

Nubbins watching me get ready for work. She does this every time I'm getting ready to go somewhere.

Relaxing Nubbins

Lazy Nubbins

Perfect Nubbins

Waiting Nubbins

Grooming Nubbins

Lounging Nubbins

Ryan bonding with Nubbins

Nubbins wanting to get away.

Bedroom Nubbins

Stalking Nubbins

Crazy Eyed Nubbins

I hope you enjoyed all of my cute kitty pictures. I love having her here!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Trip to Minnesota, or LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BUTT.

So for Thanksgiving, my mama flew me up to Minnesota so I could spend some time with her, my brother, and my dog!

Here are some pictures from my trip. And at the end, you will see what happened to my butt.

My mama (left) with her BFF Kaye.

Thanksgiving Dinner!

Kitty craft that I made for my mama. 

Playing Scrabble!

I went undercover for a bit.


Mama with her friend Gloria.

Nice glasses.

New Belgium Snow Day, Crab Cakes, and Athenian Flatbread Pizza at BLVD.

Bailey and I took a walk every day I was in town.

What a beautiful view I got to wake up to every day!

Owl crafts.

My brother and me.

My mama and me.

BAILEY DOG and me.

And now, what I know you have all been waiting for...MY BUTT. So this is what happened. I was wearing socks and going down my mama's stairs in her house. They are hardwood, and slippery! I was almost at the bottom, and on the landing before the last three stairs, I slipped and the edge of one of the steps hit my butt cheek! Luckily, my tailbone was not hurt. However, this REALLY hurt!!! The pictures that I have start from a couple hours after the incident and once a day after that. It has now been seven days and you'll see how great it looks now...NOT! So yes, this is my butt, but it is all close up and everything, so it's not really like you're looking at my butt. Just focus on the bruise. OUCH!!!

Day 1: Tuesday, November 20.

Day 2: Wednesday, November 21.

Day 3: Thursday, November 22.
Day 4: Friday, November 23.
Day 5: Saturday, November 24.

Day 6: Sunday, November 25.

Day 7: Monday, November 26.

So there you have it. It's still changing colors and looking weird. And it even still hurts a little bit. Some of the colors are actually kinda pretty. 

Thanks for looking at my butt!